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Big Huge White bra, (size J cup) worn by Teddi
SKU: SKU17632
Big Huge White bra, (size J cup) worn by Teddi in videos such as, "Biggest Tits in Town"! This bra has been stressed and abused thoroughly by everyday wear and has paid its dues dearly! It has supported two of the most gigantic mounds in the world and is ready to retire to a luvin' home! It was made, altered and fortified in America and is still in beautiful shape and may still be worn. This is one of a kind! These go fast so grab it quick!

Our price: $150.00 (€130.50)
Market price: $250.00 , save 40%
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My Sweet Pussy Scented Panties
SKU: SKU17634
My Sweet Pussy Scented Panties...U'll feel like Ur snuggling right next to My cunt lips! I usually wear these for at least a couple of days so that they are truly deeply cunt-scented for Ur pleasure!

Our price: $29.95 (€26.06)
Market price: $39.95 , save 25%
Pink Underwire Bra
SKU: SKU17636
SOLD! U Snooze U Lose! Pink Under-wire Bra ... Very Low-Cut with Underwire. I wore it in "Officer Barrett; Judge Jury and Sexacutioner" So very pretty...My cups did runneth over! I think I also wore this bra in "Momma Stole MY Date" and "Teddi's Milk 2"! It's been a really good bra...but alas, it hardly goes onto the boobs anymore...just too small. Not sure what size it is...but it is huge! Probably basketball size or as I always say...size BMF's (Big Mother Fuckers)!

Our price: $95.99 (€83.51)
Market price: $129.99 , save 26%
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Pink with Black Sculls and Crossbones Panties
SKU: SKU17642
Pink with Black Sculls and Crossbones Panties worn in "Mama; Pleasure Piranaha". I'll also wear them for a couple of days before I send them to U! I'll make sure they're scented nicely! Just as it shows in the pic above! I'll use them for cunt floss!

Our price: $39.95 (€34.76)
Market price: $49.95 , save 20%
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Red Bra Cup Size M
SKU: SKU17654
This Very Unique Old Friend has been with Me for about three Years and has gone above and beyond the call of duty! It has supported the twins to the best of its ability and has given its' life for a worthy cause...(cause I needed it to hold these Big 'Ole Boobs up!) It probably deserves a purple heart for it's "out-standing" job! It is a Starr and has made appearances in many of My movies! It is being retired as it has given all that it has to give! Its seams are separating and it is frayed (I'm afraid) ...

Our price: $159.95 (€139.16)
Market price: $195.95 , save 18%
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Red Lace Bra
SKU: SKU17641
I recently wore this bra in "Mama; Pleasure Piranha". It is quite a bit too small but still looks very sexy! I have worn it in other videos as well; it is one of My favorites! This is a very hard working bra; I'm sure it will warm Ur heart (or other places) as it did mine!

Our price: $125.95 (€109.58)
Market price: $199.95 , save 37%
Quantity Out of stock
Super Hot Stripped Stockings
SKU: SKU17645
Super Hot Stripped Stockings make Ur legs look Soooo long...they'll go right up and make an ass out of themselves! (Just like Mine did when I wore them in "Mama; Pleasure Piranha"!) Please specify if U want them washed or unwashed! They are Great Quality hosiery!

Our price: $29.95 (€26.06)
Market price: $39.95 , save 25%
Teddis Black 9 Hook Nursing Bra
SKU: SKU17640
Teddis' Black 9 hook Nursing Bra...This really nasty and Hot Bra has been in numerous videos, including "The Buxom Babysitter" wherein she nurses...the boys! There was much debate in fact about the title of this video as it was almost named...U guessed it..."Teddi Nurses the Boys!" There was never a plan to use this bra in the videos...as this is Teddi's nursing bra in real life and has been for the past 10 years! When she went to purchase a nursing bra there were none big enough, so she just cut out the nipple holes so that the nipples could be gotten a hold of or latched onto! She bought this one as it does boast 9 steardy hooks to try to hold up those monster milk filled mounds! This is the only one! One of a kind with a long and arduous history! It will cum to U fresh from the last nursing!

Our price: $199.95 (€173.96)
Market price: $399.95 , save 50%
Quantity Out of stock
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